PollChief® Election Worker Management System

Manage your poll workers with one comprehensive and intuitive software tool

Our poll worker management tool is specifically designed for election managers. This software tool will eliminate the tedious portions of your management process and help you organize and streamline your operations saving you time and money.

Our Election Worker Management Software Solution Can:

  • Recruit and train workers through our public facing worker portal. Workers will be able to self-schedule for elections, complete virtual training with quiz functionality, check on their payroll status and review any communications received from their election office.

  • Utilize flexible payroll processing options. We can configure out system to meet your payroll requirements.

  • System users are able to communicate directly with workers from the system through Voice over internet protocol, SMS, and emails. Email templates, bulk emails, and use of dynamic labels are some of the many communication features.

  • Save time with our powerful assignment functions. System users are able to configure the assignment functions to fit your exact process. Build templates, generate staffing and language requirements for polling locations, and much more.

  • If you can dream it, PollChief® can do it! We pride ourselves on adapting our software tools to fit the election manager process.

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