PollChief® Asset Management System

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to a fluid inventory management system built by election managers for election managers.

Asset management for election managers is a logistically complex process. We take your current process and put it into software form helping you simplify and streamline it along the way. With our expert team you will develop an asset management process that is scalable and helps you run more transparent and efficient elections.

Our Asset Management Software Solution Can:

  • Help you manage the inventory of all your election day materials, from your pencils to your DS200s.

  • Implement our barcode tracking system with integrated GPS capabilities to receive real-time updates of your critical election day items. System users will be able to watch through the system as items are picked up by delivery teams and make real-time adjustments if an error is made.

  • Create easy to follow packing templates for delivery teams. If you can use the self-checkout at the grocery store you can follow our step-by-step tracking process, so no election materials are left behind or delivered to the wrong location.

  • Utilize our robust report building tools that can be ad hoc or hardcoded into your system. With our template feature you can configure your system to send out reports automatically to your team providing real-time feedback on your operations.

  • Communicate with your team in the field directly from the system with Voice over internet protocol, SMS, and emails capabilities.

  • Currently using third-party movers? Administrators can restrict the access of any user to the system.

  • If you can dream it, PollChief® can do it! We pride ourselves on adapting our software tools to fit the election manager process.

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