PollChief® Candidate Filing & Campaign Finance Tracking System

Digitize your online or paper filing process with our easy-to-use software solution.

We have designed this software tool to help ease the administrative complexities of candidate filing and campaign finance tracking. This tool is fully configurable and can be designed to meet your state requirements, including unique forms or filling process requirements, and much more all from one comprehensive system.

Our Candidate and Campaign Tracking Software Can:

  • Fluidly manage all available offices, contests, and candidate filings in one system.

  • Take your unique paper filing process and digitize it. If you are considering developing an online filing process, we have you covered.

  • Build a customize online candidate portal where candidates can file for office, complete necessary paperwork, and even pay their filing fees. All this is monitored and managed by election managers in the backend of the system.

  • Utilize extensive ad-hoc and automatic notification functions to ensure candidates are well informed of their filing responsibilities and deadlines.

  • If you can dream it, PollChief® can do it! We pride ourselves on adapting our software tools to fit the election manager process.

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