MyBallot Tracking System

Your ballot tracking solution designed and developed by a team of experts

Our ballot tracking solution is simple and user friendly. With mail-in ballots becoming more commonplace, election managers need a modern tool to help them achieve maximum transparency and efficiency during the vote-by-mail process.

Our MyBallot Tracking System Can:

  • Process returned applications and ballot packages.

  • Provide a public facing portal where voters can apply for a mail in ballot, track the status of their ballot, and set their notification preferences for updates about their ballot.

  • Print queue capabilities to facilitate printing of applications, ballots, and ballot packages.

  • Scan ballot packages and application images directly into the system for side by side verification against voter profiles.

  • Offer signature comparison capabilities.

  • Provide comprehensive notification management functions in order to ensure voters get the information they need.

  • If you can dream it, PollChief® can do it! We pride ourselves on adapting our software tools to fit the election manager process.

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