PollChief® Help Desk Management Software

Step into the future of support with our revolutionary help desk system - crafted by election aficionados, tailored for election excellence.

Navigating the complexities of election support can be as intricate as the elections themselves. Our election help desk solution transforms this tangled web into a streamlined, efficient process. Partner with our expert team to craft a support system that not only responds to current demands but also adapts to future needs.

Our Help Desk Management Software Solution Can:

  • Year-round access to a 365 Help Desk System, operational both during and outside election seasons.

  • User-friendly ticket creation from a portal or back office, with easy tracking and management.

  • Customizable settings, allowing users to personalize ticket categories, fields, default values, statuses, and more for efficient organization.

  • Automated ticket assignment based on type, ensuring tickets go to the right users or groups for faster resolution.

  • Advanced tracking and reporting on service levels, categorized by ticket priority, for improved response times and service quality.

  • Connect seamlessly with your field team via internet calls, text messages, and email features integrated into the system.

  • Together, we will establish a help desk workflow that ensures quick resolutions, informed assistance, and a smoother election cycle.

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