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Election Management Simplified

Optimize your election processes and maximize efficiency with our cutting edge software solutions

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Trusted by Election Offices across North America

Fully cloud-based with industry-leading security embedded in design and development

Fully customizable and scalable software solutions built around your election management needs

PollChief® Software Suite

Discover Konnech's premier software solutions tailored for Election Offices

PollChief® Election Worker Management Software

Simplify worker assignment, training, communication, and payment with PollChief. Accessible online worker portal included.

PollChief® Asset Management Software

Streamlined chain of custody logs, event-specific planning tools, robust asset and inventory tracking, customizable reporting, and mobile compatibility.

PollChief® Help Desk Management Software

Efficient ticket management, intuitive user interface, customizable workflows, detailed analytics, and seamless integration options for your support team.

Innovative Solutions by Konnech

Our products are designed to offer straightforward solutions to intricate challenges. Our VoteEdge Technology includes a shake-to-vote application tailored for visually impaired voters. This is one of the patented products developed by Konnech, offering election managers inventive methods to assist their voters. Patent #8,949745B2

Industry-Leading Security Embedded in Our Software

Embedded Security by Design

At Konnech, our software solutions are architected with security at their core from the outset of development:

  • We employ threat modeling as an integral part of our design process to anticipate and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

  • Security requirements are meticulously integrated into the solution design, ensuring robust protection from the ground up.

  • Stringent access control and authentication measures are implemented to safeguard system integrity.

  • We adhere to the principle of least privilege, applying it to users and inter-process communications to limit exposure to potential risks.

  • Encryption protocols are systematically utilized to safeguard sensitive data both at rest and in transit.

  • Rigorous validation of all inputs from untrusted sources ensures the integrity of our systems, providing an additional layer of defense against potential threats.

Security at the Core of Development

At Konnech, we embed stringent security principles at every stage of our software's lifecycle — from development and testing to deployment:

  • Ensuring code integrity by preventing unauthorized modifications.

  • Mandatory peer reviews for comprehensive code examination.

  • Employing advanced application security testing and code scanning technologies.

  • Implementing secure code deployment practices, fortified by electronic signatures and robust authentication methods.

  • Incorporating manual security assessments as a standard phase in our Development Life Cycle.

This proactive approach ensures our election logistics software remains secure, reliable, and trustworthy.

Secure Hosting and Infrastructure in the USA

Konnech's software solutions are engineered for unparalleled security, hosted within the United States on infrastructure that adheres to the most rigorous standards essential for critical systems in public sector entities. Our multi-layered defense strategy is meticulously designed to shield the system against unauthorized access:

  • Utilization of cutting-edge firewall and network protection technologies to secure against intrusion.

  • Comprehensive secure monitoring and logging to analyze and thwart intrusion attempts effectively.

  • A steadfast commitment to hosting all live data exclusively within U.S.-based data centers, ensuring data remains within the jurisdiction and never leaves the country.

This clear focus on security and data sovereignty underlines our dedication to providing a trusted and secure environment for all our software solutions.