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In March of 2020, Konnech celebrated 18 years of leadership as a solutions provider and PollChief celebrates it’s 12th year empowering election administrators around the globe to each become election management leaders. From humble beginnings as a telecommunications solution provider to an elections industry leader, Konnech holds customer service at the heart of its mission. In a world where so many talk first and listen later – Konnech listens first.

We welcome you to review our history and encourage you to become part of the Konnech family of solutions, please contact us for a demo or to see how Konnech can support your mission.


PollChief 2020 is released enhanced with new Microsoft tools that allow more agile capacities for election administrators

Konnech creates a COVID-19 tracking and reporting system to support safe workplaces and allowing clients to meet reporting standards set by state agencies


Konnech® celebrates 15 years of Microsoft Certified Partnership


Celebrating 15 years of solution service, Konnech begins to redesign the PollChief® election management system for quicker deployment reducing the launch time from weeks to days


Konnech beings a partnership with exclusive license to Votem, Inc., for ABVote® service to the North American market.


Konnech’s team draft and deliver a white paper at the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) conference on the challenges associated with secure online voting and how to overcome those hurdles

Konnech designed, developed, and awarded patent by the US Patent Office for the VotEdge® mobile ballot marking solution to deliver and mark ballots electronically in an accessible format to ABVote users’ who have vision, dexterity, hearing, cognition, and mobility disabilities to vote confidentially and independently

Konnech’s leadership is recognized in accessible voting solutions by the National Federation of the Blind, Center for Excellence and the Maryland Technology Assistance Program during their Web Accessibility Training Day showcase


PollChief® releases the based mobile applications for Site Survey and Attendance recording with successful implementation in international marketplaces

Konnech® delivered a white paper co-authored with the Washington DC Board of Elections, at the NASS conference discussing the successful implementation of www.Vote4DC.com


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) invited Konnech® to demonstrate its Mobile Voting System in the Future of Voting Systems Symposium at Gaithersburg, MD. Konnech® demonstrated its new version of ABVote with Predictive Analytics for identity verification.

Konnech® launches its new iPetitioner® tablet systems


Konnech® presented a new vision of some emerging election technologies for both overseas and disabled voters at the invitation of the Overseas Vote Foundation 2011 Summit in Washington D.C.

Konnech® delivered a white paper at the request of the NASS examining its successful experience delivering ballots online to UOCAVA voters and assisting States in complying with provisions of the Military and Oversea Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act.

Konnech® demonstrated a voice enhanced ballot delivery system for uniformed voters to the FVAP and to NIST. The system enabled ballot delivery, marking, signature, and return from smart phones and tablets.

Konnech® began developing a system to incorporate RFID into its asset management modules, logically incorporating the RFID signals to track election gear in and out of an election department’s premises.


Konnech® introduced the iPollBook, a miniature electronic poll book as part of its PollChief® suite.

Konnech® introduced iPAMS, a miniature electronic asset management tool operating on iPhone, iTouch, and iPad devices.

Konnech® released the second generation of PollChief®, featuring a drayage loading and delivery wizard, a whiteboard project management guide, a back-up communication launcher, and a voter turn-out algorithm.

Konnech® presented the PollChief® system at the Association of Election Commission Officials of Illinois (AECOI) spring conference.

PollChief® exhibited at the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers (IACREOT) summer conference, the gathering of the largest group of election officials in US.

PollChief® was exhibited at the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections (FSASE) annual spring conference.


Konnech begins transition into becoming a dedicated election solution provider, phasing out the successful service of SchoolBrief and telecommunication for schools

PollChief®, an election management system, end the testing phase and started its trial run with one of the largest cities in the States successfully

Konnech reached a Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft®.


Konnech had developed the SchoolBrief communication portal for K to 12 schools. The Detroit Public School system expanded its use of the SchoolBrief web portal to 16 of their 250 schools. This expanded pilot project covered 3 high schools, 5 middle schools and 8 elementary schools.


Konnech successfully developed a dispatch solution built on their already popular telephone systems. The dispatch system can map caller's location, plan the most efficient delivery route, and manage drivers


Microsoft accepted Konnech as one of its Certified Partners


VeriTest finished its Microsoft Platform Test with Konnech's Microsoft Outlook Add-on successfully, qualifying Konnech to be one of Microsoft's Independent Software Vendors and Certified Partners


Konnech begins as a service provider of telecommunication system

IBM awarded Konnech a contract to design, build and install telecommunication systems at the 10 new schools of the Detroit Public Schools (DPS)

Konnech® reached an agreement with a server-based PBX manufacturer to integrate and to market an advanced PBX product in the Midwest US and Canada

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